3 Different VR Headsets To Experience Camp Wishplay

To participate in Camp Wishplay you need a VR headset, which could be as simple as a smartphone! We’ve tested many headsets and have some recommendations for you. Check out the three options below and feel free to reach out if you have any questions. We’re here to help.  If you already have a headset, check out our YouTube Page today!

Cost Effective:
Google Cardboard

This allows you use a smart phone to experience VR in with a lot smaller investment. Your experiences will be limited, but you will be able to attend Camp Wishplay and join in on the fun!

Oculus Go

This allows you to experience VR in a significantly more immersive way. The device is built for VR, so the images and sound will be better quality than with your smart phone.

Full Experience :
Oculus Quest

The Quest will allow you 6 degrees of freedom. Camp Wishpaly is not designed for this ....yet, but until then there are plenty of cool apps and games you can enjoy with this advanced experience.

Have a hospital, hospice or other facility that you want to set up with VR? We're here to help!