Let's give your new headset a try. While being fun for you it will also give you the basics you'll need for the training. Explore, click on things, be adventurous.

Don’t worry you can’t break it

You can't press the wrong thing, or delete something important. Actually If you do, great. We're covering that in training and can use this as an example.

The instructions below will also help make sure you're on the right path.

Learning the Basics

The Boundary

When you put the headset on it will instruct you on how to create a boundary. This will prevent you from walking into furniture. If you have any trouble creating one just select "Use Stationary"

First Steps

The fastest way to learn how to use the controllers is by the First Steps app. From the main menu click on the button that has a 3x3 grid of small white boxes. Then click on the First Step App. You click by using the trigger button with your index finger.

IMPORTANT Things to know

No direct sunlight!

Sunlight can ruin the headset and make it difficult to immerse properly.

Plug it in, plug it in!

VR headsets suck a ton of power. Plug it in whenever it's not being used.

Use the strap!

The controllers can fly out of your hands so please use the strap.

Glasses are fine

If you need glasses to see then wear them in the headset.

Make room!

You'll need some room to move about without crashing into things.

VR and Nausea

You may feel nauseous or experience some vertigo in VR. This happens sometimes, especially with fast moving videos or experiences.

Close your eyes

If you feel uncomfortable just close your eyes for 5 seconds and breathe naturally. This let's your brain catch up to your other senses.

If it persists, take it off

If closing your eyes doesn't work then take the headset off.